On Writing Blogs

As part of my 2018 birthday (I refuse to say which one), my daughter created this space for me to write about issues and subjects I feel strongly about. Twice before today I opened this very screen and stared at it un-inspired, and somewhat shame-facedly closed the page. Why? Because my mind was blank. All the issues I feel strongly about? All the injustices in this world? All the love I have to give? Could I not write even a single word about any of these?

To put it succinctly, the only feeling I had was a total lack of inspiration. My favorite subjects, like the plight of the girl child in India, the lack of civic sense amongst us, the saffron-isation of our country, and so on and so forth, all went dry. Not a word could I write as I looked at the screen.

Today I cleaned the screen of my computer, with a soft cloth and spray. Wow, what an achievement, you may scoff. Yes it is an achievement for me. I never seem to do it without leaving ugly streaks of cleaning fluid that dry and make the screen look dirty. So, I cheated. I got my assistant, a keen eager young fresher, to do it for me. And you know what? As I suspected, she did a perfect job. So, what is wrong with me? Butter-fingers? No sense of the technique needed? I do not know and I do not care. She was happy to do it, and knew I could not do it half as well as she could.

Now my screen is clean, and I am ready to write. So far, looking up at what I have written, it is all drivel. How can I write such crap? Who is going to read this meaningless writing. Actually who will read even my meaningful issue laden writing? I left Facebook over 2 months ago, and have no interest in ever going back. I used to post prolifically on FB. Maybe I will get into the habit of doing so on this blog.

But the big question mark in my mind is, who will care enough to read my drivel? If someone does, I will be happy to continue writing. Not just on serious subjects, but on love and romance, on the good things in life, not just the ugly things, of which there is no shortage.

Mira Saraf, you have to help me here. I will have not have a great deal of time on my hands to write. But if I get into the habit, is it worth anyone’s while to read what I have to say?

If I am convinced, I will be back tomorrow. No wait, I will be on a plane most of tomorrow. Maybe the day after?

Bye for now.


13 thoughts on “On Writing Blogs

  1. You’re already on the right track it seems and your writing is far from meaningless! In fact some have said that they miss you on Facebook just for your prolific posts on subjects of your passion. So I thought you could have this space you know, without all the sketchy privacy stuff! I’m glad you finally used it and hope this can come both as a tool of therapy and a space for you to share your ideas with the world. I’m cheering you on from here! Lots of love.


  2. Seems like you’re on the right track already! This is exactly how I hoped you’d use it. Tons of people enjoy that “meaningless drivel” by the way and I hope this can become a way for you to share your thoughts and ideas with the world without all that sketchy Facebook privacy stuff! Hope you enjoy it 🙂 proud of you and lots of love Dad

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  3. Welcome to the world of blogging! I for one look forward to your writings 🙂
    I personally find this space to be a sane place where I can share all my thoughts without some social network driving me crazy..so you can too! Happy Blogging!

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    1. Thanks Maggie. I am new to this, but am enjoying this immensely. I quit Facebook 3 months ago. I found it idiotic and a waste of time. I want to write and those who enjoy reading are better friends than the hundreds of friends one accumulates through Facebook. I liked your piece on Weaknesses within strength! Well thought out,

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  4. Ahan, I am also in :D. Keep writing your beautiful thoughts, because i love reading them. All the best Sir..! Enjoy.!! 🙂


  5. Hi!!!! I know you!!! 🙂

    Congratulations for your writing blog and look forward to see your blogs, your stories, your thoughts here.

    I love your stories Mr Saraf 🙂 please keep writing and sharing.


  6. Hi Mr. Saraf,

    I’m so glad that my husband, Kenneth, told me that you have a blog. As soon as you left the club, I got down to search for it. And here I am. Like I said before, I loved your short story and so far I have read a couple of posts here. How wonderfully you express yourself. You and Mrs. Saraf are the sweetest, most humble people and my most favourite 😀 (honest confession) It’s a pleasure and honour to know both of you. Cheezy as it may seem but it’s true. Your kindness and warmth has never been low ever! Touchwood 🙂 !

    I know I will be a regular visitor and reader of your blog whilst I do my job. I am currently ushering members and guests and running back to my desk to read hahah!

    I’ll answer this – “But the big question mark in my mind is, who will care enough to read my drivel?” with a big “ME”! 😀

    Thank you for sharing!

    Love and hugs!
    Mei Mei


    1. Hello Mei Mei,

      Thank you for your lovely comments. I am flattered that you find my writing worth reading. If you “follow” the blog, I believe it will notify you every time I post something. God bless you! My wife and I are very fond of you too.

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  7. Following now. It’s been a while since I used Word Press. Thank you so much for your blessings. 😀 I tell Kenneth that I would love to see ourselves married like you and Mrs. Saraf. Even after all these years you both celebrate your relationship so beautifully…having quiet dinners and enjoying some live music! ❤


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