She brought sunshine
She brought laughter
She brought love and
The memory of her, still
Brings joy.

The purity
Of her heart, her mind
Her eyes and her gaze
Pierce the soul, in a way
Without compare.
It bared my soul, my heart
My mind,
My everything.

When she left, she
Said she loved another, she
Broke my heart
Into so many pieces, I
Am still counting them
The hope remains that one day
She will forsake her new love, and
Come back
To me.

Her name mesmerises me,
Because it resembles rhythm,
The rhythm
Of  peace and Love, the promise of
A fresh start, the past
Washed away in her purity.

She poured her love
Over me, and
Hid the many cuts, the hurt
I gave her
In return
For her love, till
She no longer
Loved me.


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